Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hold On

Last week was a rough one. I brought Sawyer to the Dr on Monday to find out she had Bronchiolitis (Thank God it was not RSV, because I don't ever want to experience that again with her.... Last year was enough). The week began with a rough start.  She did not sleep much, which meant neither did I. She wanted to be held 20 out of the 24 hours in the day.

And to top it all off, it was MY BIRTHDAY WEEK. Okay here is a little inside fact. I am a birthday week person. The week of my birthday is a special one.... in my eyes however. And this little munchkin has definitely shown me that it is NOT about me anymore. I have not even thought about my birthday but more of making my girl happy and better! Therefore, my DRAMA QUEEN has shown me that life changes. You have kids and it is about them, but...
Friday I said hello to 29! The last year of my 20's...What do we have in store!

We enjoyed a nice dinner, for my birthday, at LaFonda with some of our closest friends.... So happy they all came

Then the joy of MY BIRTHDAY FRIDAY was quickly shattered with the news of the Connecticut Shooting. I wanted to hold Cohen and Sawyer and never let them go.  My heart ached for those parents and children. The simple act of bringing your child to school would never be the same.

We get so caught up in our phones, computers. etc we miss out on so many moments. I for one, know that sometimes I am playing on my phone when I could be playing with my kids. It's sad to know that someone's misfortune made me realize so much.
So from now on when you want to pick up your phone to check facebook, pick up your child instead. When you want to open the computer to play on pinterest, play with your child instead.
I know I will.

Yes, I will still enjoy these little pleasures but not as much as I often find myself doing.

I can't imagine the loss of a child. I can't begin to comprehend the pain those parents are feeling. I can't even bring myself to think of that being my child. But I can pray for their comfort and strength. Those little blessings left this world at such an early age, all I know is God welcomed a few more little miracles into his Kingdom Friday.

So hold onto your loved ones a little bit tighter. Tell them you love them a few more times. I know I will.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shine Bright...

Shine Bright like a DIAMOND...

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives we totally disregard the little lessons life is throwing at us. The little gifts that are being given daily.  It is hard to sometimes see the good in the bad. To see the light in the darkness. 
It's the little moments that make us shine. The little moments are the gifts that show our total beauty and blessing. 
I have gained acceptance and appreciation for the little moments in time that I would not have cared one bit about a few years ago. 

The little gift of Sawyer smiling while she holds up on all 4's by herself... I never knew that  "using your arms" would mean so much to me, so much to her.  How I now appreciate this little act so many disregard... Yes the little gifts
Look at how bright she is shining!  My beautiful little diamond! 

And the protection and love a big brother shows... 
How the simple feeling of love can make you feel like you are Shining.   The gifts of the inner love any sibling has for the other.  But these two have so much more than that. It is like they totally "get" eachother. The fear I once had is lost.  How could I fear her protection, when he is by her side.  Yes, the little gifts that we take for granted daily.

The importance of feeling important. 
 I love the way his inner instinct is to always be the "superhero". But he needs protection too.  I worry that he one day feels pressure for being such the caregiver. I am so scared that one day the way the world really is, will overwhelm him. So judgemental, so cruel, so self-centered.  I can only pray that parents will raise their kids to respect others. Because the day someone hurts his sisters heart, his will be broken!  These are my 2 precious jewels and I want them to shine! 

The one on one time. 
We spent a whole day with Cohen at the LSU football game, while Sawyer stayed at home with Noni and Poppa. It was a day we all needed. A day centered around Cohen. He really enjoyed his day, but did question when we were picking up his sister plenty of times.  He was able to have us all to himself! I think that was his highlight. I don't think "the game" was as important as "the day!".  Yes it was his first LSU game, but that was not the true meaning of the day.  

Sawyer requires more assistance than Cohen did at this age.  But then, they are two completely different kids in so many different ways, how can I possibly compare them? I can't.  She is always trying... striving... wanting... SHINING....
Like the unknown thought she has in this picture. What is she thinking?  She has so much personality, so much spunk.  I have no doubt she will be a joy in everyones life she touches. Just as Cohen does!

I don't want life to just pass us by.  I want to live it and enjoy it.  If you miss out on the little picture you will completely miss the BIG ONE.  

Cohen and Sawyer are rare! They are Special! They are beautiful. They are like diamonds in the sky.  So I hope they always "Shine Bright like a Diamond".  Make your family and their joys be your "shining diamond moments".  

Because these are my diamonds

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Santa Clause is coming to town

We enjoyed the Christmas parade this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous, but HOT! I mean I think it is a little dramatic that  it is 80 degrees in December! But with that being said we were able to all enjoy the parade! I think is it so cute how Carlyn is becoming such a "momma bear", as you can see the way she is holding Cohen's hand in the parking lot. Then Nonni, Poppa, and Cambri joined them, as Sawyer and I followed from behind.

Cohen was hilarious because he HATES loud noises, and there is nothing but DRAMATICALLY loud noises at the parades.  The sirens started and he instantly ran for my arms. I held him, just like my momma did for me when was little.  Now, my dad was a cop and I reacted the exact same way Cohen does to sirens. I hated them.  Once the floats started rolling through he was fine. But this was the site when the bands played...

As we waited for the parade to begin I snapped a few pictures of the kids. It amazes me how he just lets her do.... I mean she honestly pulls his hair anytime she can get a hold of it! And yes he does tell her to stop but he tells her patiently.

Oh I could just squeeze these 2 all hours of the day! Their personalities are so fun and their sibling love is just so amazing!

Then later that night we took a picture with Santa.

I was NOT suppose to be in the picture but as you can see on Cohen's face he did NOT want to take the picture.  And then there is Sawyer who looks completely terrified with her hands "NOT TOUCHING Santa".  I know that later down the road we will all laugh at this picture. It is honestly the first year we have ever taken a picture with Santa, Cohen would NEVER allow for it!

So as new traditions start... it must mean "Santa Clause is coming to town!"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life's a Dance

So I know I haven't done the best at blogging lately.  I feel as though my life has been completely overwhelming.  To be totally honest, between the kids, work, and therapy it's taking a toll.  I have found days when I don't know which direction I am headed.  I have learned that "Life's a dance you learn as you go".  Yet, blogging is my "me time".  It is what  sometimes keeps me sane and completely at peace. So I am going to make a promise to myself to allow the "me time" of blogging.
October was ridiculously hectic and I am so happy it is OVER! I think I tried to mostly rest the month of November. Halloween night Cody looked at me and said OK, I don't care if I don't see another person walk through our door for a month.  And that was the truth. Between both of the kids birthday parties and Halloween we were over it!
And now December has approached. Already...
This is honestly my favorite time of year. I love the way it is completely based around family and gatherings.  This is probably the first year Cohen REALLY gets "Santa" and I have to say I am liking it.

Every year my mom takes the grandkids to my Godfather's studio to take Christmas pictures. She buys them all matching outfits for their picture.  And every year this event becomes more and more entertaining. Because how easy it is to get a 5 year old, two 3 year olds, and a 1 year old to smile for a picture! Oh the conversation, tantrums, etc that occur are absolutely hilarious. This year I think this group shot captured every single one of their personalities PERFECTLY. Maybe that is why I love it so much!

Then we also take one with just our kids together. Cohen and Sawyer's picture is so stinking cute. I am so happy they were both cooperative.

Oh how these 2 have changed in just one short year! Oh how I have changed in just 1 short year!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

36 months.

I can not believe my baby boy is 3 years old today.  I wish I could take a mason jar and capture him in it and not let him grow up.  I don't want my baby boy to grow up! I want him to stay this small, sweet, and innocent forever... Yes FOREVER!
3 years ago today Cody and I became parents for the first time and we got to meet our sweet baby boy!

The first year of Cohen's life, Cody and I learned a lot about ourselves, but more importantly we formed a new kind of love. One you have for your child. The moment Cohen was placed in my arms I learned what "parent love" was.  The bond and love I felt for him is unexplainable. This little boy stole my heart the first time I heard his heartbeat, but when I heard him cry for the first time and saw his face he didn't only steal my heart but my entire soul!

His first year flew by... Faster than I truly expected. He reached his milestones at his own pace & went through things to the beat of his own drum. The independence he has amazes me still to this day.
Here are some of his first year that make me want to smile / cry.


Then his next couple of years came with a little more personality. Cohen became a little man who had a wonderful little spunk in him. We quickly learned that Cohen loves sports! He loves his momma and daddy.  He absolutely loves his little sister (more than I ever imagined).  He can make you smile at any moment in time.  He has a charm and wit that are out of this world. He is going to one day be a heartbreaker! But I CAN WAIT a long time for that! He is our sweet boy and I thank God daily for blessing us with him.  

And today he turns 3.... 36 months has gone by since this little man has entered our lives. My baby boy is growing like the speed of light. Cody and I were and still are, such proud parents of this little man.   He is a typical "boys boy".  This dude is up for football at any hour of the day.  He doesn't care if he is dirty and if you pick on him you aren't getting away with it.  I am sure he will get in trouble his fair share during this lifetime, but that's okay. That is how we grow up and learn.  Cohen has taught me so much in these past 3 years.  He has given me all that I dreamed of in a son and even more.  

I know I have said it before but Cohen as taught Cody and I so much, but it has become more known in this past year... His innocence and heart have showed me more about love than I could have learned any place else.  When he gets older I will explain the hope and faith HE gave to me one October day.... I can only pray as a parent he never loses his kind heart.  

This is my thank you! Thank you for who you are. I don't want you to ever become any one else. I want you to know you are one of the most precious gifts we have ever received.  God trusted us with you.  There is no denying he hand molded you into a very special young man. I believe you will only teach me more as you grow and I can't wait to see what more you have in store for us.  
Happy Birthday Cohen.... We love you to the moon and back sweet boy! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pink Party!

Saturday, we celebrated Sawyer's 1st birthday with Family and Close Friends! It was GORGEOUS outside! We started out bundled up because it was a little chilly.  The day couldn't have been more beautiful for my Beautiful Girl.  and Oh How I love BONNETS!

Cohen is only 2, so sometimes when we go to birthday parties he doesn't understand why he doesn't get presents.  But today, he let Sawyer have "Her Day".  He never once asked why it wasn't his birthday or showed any signs of jealousy towards the attention she was receiving. This boy.... With a smile like this and a heart so pure.... Makes me want to hug him 24/7.

Sawyer's day was filled with fun... Besides eating the cake...
She wasn't thrilled with the whole cake idea when we sang happy birthday on her Real Birthday.

But I tried again anyway... And it happened again! Sawyer became a VERY unhappy little girl.

I was able to get a few pictures but I could only take her this unhappy for so long. It lasted the entire "Happy Birthday" song, then I had to take her out of the highchair and hold my sweet girl!

I think everyone had a really good time. It was mainly family with a few close friends and I am pretty sure everyone invited showed up.  It is still hard to believe that my baby girl is already 1.  I can't seem to comprehend how fast this past year flew by.  Here are a few random pictures from the party.

Party Photo Dump:

I am so happy I was able to capture this moment between John Talbott and Sawyer. These 2 have no clue the symbolic meaning I see in this picture...
These 2 hands little hands...
These 2 little hands have connected so many in so many different ways.  These 2 little hands are precious and I am sure will be held many more times in this lifetime, They will keep each other safe. They will hopefully always have the comfort and security of the other when a "hand squeeze" from a good friend is all you need. I pray these 2 little hands guide one another.  Oh the smile I get on my face knowing Sawyer has John Talbott!  It is a precious gift God has given us for them to know one another and call each other friend!

After a fun filled day with family and friends Sawyer is officially 1.  It is hard to believe all that we have accomplished in the first year of this sweet girls life! Thank you Sawyer for all you have added to our family. and Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!